Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell is the Washington bureau chief of Investor’s Business Daily.  His latest book is Eight Ways to Run the Country: A New and Revealing Look at Left and Right, due out from Praeger in December 2006.

Latest by Brian Mitchell in Chronicles

  • Boxed In by the Open Society
    October 2006

    Boxed In by the Open Society

    Some months before the invasion of Iraq, a well-known neocon stopped by my office to stump for war. It would all be very easy, he said coolly.

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  • May 1997

    Sex Scandal du Jour

    Remember Gwen Dreyer? No, of course not. She was the poor, unfortunate midshipman who was "chained to a urinal" at the United States Naval Academy in the winter of 1990.

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  • May 1990

    Women in Arms

    Lies can't live forever, as we have seen recently in Eastern Europe. One result of the American invasion of Panama may be that, despite the best efforts of the United States Army, Americans will finally learn the truth about women in the military.

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