Brian Freimuth

Brian Freimuth is a 2019 Alcuin Intern. He is a rising senior at Hillsdale College studying Politics, English, and Spanish.

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  • <em>Books in Brief</em>
    October 2019

    Books in Brief

    From Fire, by Water: My Journey to the Catholic Faith, by Sohrab Ahmari (San Francisco: Ignatius Press; 240 pp., $22.95). Sohrab Ahmari: Iranian immigrant, Roman Catholic convert, conservative, New York Post editor, and professional David French critic. In May, Ahmari garnered criticism and notoriety for his essay “Against David French-ism,” published in First Things, in which he argued for a new conservative consensus that asserts social conservatism and Christian tradition in the “neutral spaces” of the public sphere. A former Marxist, Ahmari understands the left’s mission to dominate public spaces and institutions. Now, as a Catholic, he advocates a reconquista of the forum in the name of America’s Christian heritage. The 35-year-old London-based Iranian-American journalist’s most recent book, From Fire, by Water, details his philosophical journey from Nietzsche, through Marx, to Christ.

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