Brian Doherty

Brian Doherty is the Warren Brookes Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Latest by Brian Doherty in Chronicles

  • May 2000

    Randy Newman's American Dream

    When Randy Newman played the Kennedy Center in Washington last March, it was perfectly appropriate, on one level: No contemporary pop singer has serenaded America as far and as wide as Newman.

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  • The Right Fork
    March 1993

    The Right Fork

    "I ask myself again why anyone would find interest in the private dimensions of my own history," muses Nobel laureate economist James M. Buchanan in his new collection of personal and intellectual autobiographical essays.

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  • January 1993

    Rock Music Lives On

    Camille Paglia, current official Court Enemy of America's East Coast intellectual mafia, recently went on record in the New York Times encouraging federal support of the allegedly endangered American art form of rock music.

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