Brenan R. Nierman

Brenan R. Nierman has taught government at George Mason University and Mount Vernon College.

Latest by Brenan R. Nierman in Chronicles

  • What Cause Was Lost?
    August 1995

    What Cause Was Lost?

    The War for Southern Independence reminds us of many things, not least of which that there were once many men who were willing to take up arms to defend what they believed to be their birthright as Americans.

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  • Race Matters
    November 1994

    Race Matters

    This book is either irrefutable evidence against a multicultural society or the last-ditch plea of someone who is very concerned with the problems posed by multiculturalism but: who wants to make a go of it nevertheless. It may well be both.

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  • Father Abraham
    September 1994

    Father Abraham

    It now appears that the safest way for scholars to treat Abraham Lincoln is in discrete segments of his life, leaving it to other, perhaps braver, souls to draw the appropriate conclusions.

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