Brad Linaweaver

Brad Linaweaver is an American science fiction writer. Linaweaver has original story credits on a number of films, including The Brain Leeches and Jack-O for Fred Olen Ray. He also has story credits in The Boneyard Collection and Space Babes Meet the Monsters.

Latest by Brad Linaweaver in Chronicles

  • Second Childhoods
    January 1993

    Second Childhoods

    From its beginnings, science fiction (bastard offspring of fantasy) has exerted a vulgar appeal. Some of its proponents have never shied away from this and, if anything, have celebrated the intelligent child's outlook, as witness the career of Ray Bradbury.

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  • A Very Private Person
    April 1992

    A Very Private Person

    When Albert Jay Nock died in 1945, American civilization had known saner times. Having just conquered the world through the Final Deal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the new colossus had a growing appetite, undaunted-by expanse or expense.

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  • The Romantic Streak
    June 1991

    The Romantic Streak

    A review of an early Blackford Oakes novel referred to Mr. Buckley's handling of a sex scene as the Hardy Boys go to a bordello. In this, the ninth book in the series, Buckley demonstrates a surer grasp, one might say, of such matters.

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