Anne Williamson

Anne Williamson is an independent journalist.

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  • Beyond Imagination: Uranium One
    February 2018

    Beyond Imagination: Uranium One

    The multilayered story surrounding Uranium One—the former South African, then Canadian, and now Russian company, of which both Bill and Hillary Clinton and their family foundation are the enriched beneficiaries—has all the usual elements of a typical Clinton scandal.

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  • The E.U.’s Soft Underbelly
    October 2017

    The E.U.’s Soft Underbelly

    The key wormhole in the central planners’ tottering but still grand scheme is the troubled euro, which is the handiwork of politicians, bureaucrats, and court economists whose vision proved to be more political than economic.

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  • The Many Reinventions of Jeffrey Sachs
    February 2017

    The Many Reinventions of Jeffrey Sachs

    Jeffrey D. Sachs, the peripatetic “world-renowned economist” who, for over three decades, has been called upon by leftist billionaires, governments, and international organizations to reshape the economies of entire countries and regions, is both the luckiest and the unluckiest of men.

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  • Wreckers and Builders
    November 2016

    Wreckers and Builders

    Twenty-five years is a long time to get back to where you started, but two-and-a-half decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is the United States, not the Russian Federation, that has succeeded in restoring the threat of nuclear annihilation to the global conversation.

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