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  • December 1992

    Sociological Balderdash

    The Supreme Court's recent Casey decision on abortion is a memorable example of sociological balderdash. The joint decision began, "Liberty finds no refuge in a jurisprudence of doubt," to which Justice Scalia fired back in his dissent, "Liberty finds no refuge in this jurisprudence of confusion."

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  • November 1992

    Redistricting Apartheid

    Elbridge Gerry's infamous salamander district pales in comparison to the monster- like menagerie birthed in redistricted states that fall under the preclearance requirement of Section Five of the federal Voting Rights Act.

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  • At An All-Time High

    Voter cynicism and apathy are at an all-time high, and as such we can expect the unexpected come November. Those Middle American Radicals whom Sam Francis has been writing about will either revolt at the polls or sit at home, disgusted.

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  • March 1992

    Reproductive Tyranny

    Absolute control of women over fertility has been the unparalleled dream of radical feminists for decades. Millions of women now view this aspiration as their sacrosanct right and have, with the advent of anti-fertility and other reproductive technologies, exercised this new right vigorously.

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  • January 1992

    Running the Psychosocial Gauntlet

    To prepare couples for the sacrament and life of matrimony, Roman Catholic canon prescribes sensible requirements for "Pastoral Care and What Must Precede Celebration of Marriage."

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  • November 1991

    Title X Funds

    Title X funds to "family planning" clinics that dispense abortion counseling were prohibited last summer as a result of the Rust v. Sullivan U.S. Supreme Court decision, which single-issue organizations indignantly denounced.

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  • October 1990

    Alone Among Strangers

    At the moment the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of states to enact parental consultation abortion statutes, the abortion-advocacy organizations went into high gear.

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Results: 7 Articles found.