Anita Evangelista

Anita Evangelista writes from Peace Valley, Missouri.

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  • September 1992

    The Greatest Error of the Homeschool

    There is little question or doubt in the public mind about the value of the homeschool. Homeschooled kids better behaved than children from public schools. homeschooled youngsters seldom become involved in gangs, seldom use drugs to excess, and there are absolutely no reports of a homeschooled teenager committing suicide.

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  • March 1990

    Battling for Animal Rights

    In January 1989, 55 members of the Rocky Mountain Humane Society made a five-mile trek to the Denver Livestock Exchange Building. At that center of agricultural enterprise they held a memorial service for the unfortunate victims of humankind's "flesh eating addiction."

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  • The (Unexpected) Comeback of the Small Farm
    November 1989

    The (Unexpected) Comeback of the Small Farm

    The word's been out for some time: they're all gone, not a functioning one left. Statistics coming down from on high in the 1970's "proved" that the small farm—defined as that with a total income of less than $20,000 annually—was about shot.

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