Andre Marrou

Andre Marrou is an American political figure, affiliated with the Libertarian Party. He was the party's vice-presidential nominee in 1988 and its presidential nominee in 1992. He was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives in 1984.

Latest by Andre Marrou in Chronicles

  • August 1994

    Expanding Every Day

    The definition of racism is expanding every day. For example, some New Jersey residents say a community that erects anticrime walls and gates, common in California and other states, is guilty of racism, no matter who lives there.

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  • Political Subdivision

    Secession, or at least political subdivision, is looking increasingly attractive to many Americans. Both ideas were long considered outre, even unacceptable. But as the Civil War, our last such great experiment, recedes into history, the cries to break away, or at least to break up, are growing louder.

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  • It Could Happen to You

    Waco, as we go to press, stands for "We ain't comin' out." Americans can and do make jokes about anything, particularly current events. That's the good news. The bad news is that ATF is an agency run amok.

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