A.M. Fantini

A.M. Fantini is editor-in-chief of The European Conservative, a biannual publication.

Latest by A.M. Fantini in Chronicles

  • July 2018

    The Siege of Sweden

    In an era of political correctness, “safe spaces,” and “trigger warnings” for the constitutionally feeble, there are plenty of things we are not supposed to talk about. Increasingly in recent months, this seems to include crime and immigration in the Kingdom of Sweden.

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  • “Little Democracies”: The Disunification of Italy
    March 2018

    “Little Democracies”: The Disunification of Italy

    I’ve been sent on a fool’s errand: to explain Italian politics. As those of you who have spent extended periods of time in the “Mediterranean boot” know, this is a challenging task.

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  • October 2017

    Zeus Reigns

    We don’t need to be convinced of the European Union’s bureaucratic overreach. Its administrative and regulatory impulses, particularly in its largest and wealthiest member states, have long been a problem.

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  • A Man for All Seasons
    February 2017

    A Man for All Seasons

    Returning to the embrace of the Eternal City is never difficult. Its many charms make one easily forget the minor inconveniences: the strikes, noise pollution, and general chaos.

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