Allan C. Brownfeld

Allan C. Brownfeld is a syndicated columnist.

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  • March 13, 2017

    Did Free-Speech Liberalism Die With Nat Hentoff?

    He criticized feminist, gay, and black groups which he charged with trying to censor opponents. He opposed the death penalty and also was a vigorous opponent of abortion, which he viewed as an assault on innocent human life. This enraged his liberal friends.

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  • January 1991

    Defining Anti-Semitism

    There was much discussion last autumn of the charge of "anti-Semitism" made against syndicated columnist and conservative spokesman Patrick Buchanan by New York Times columnist A.M. Rosenthal.

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  • Not Simply Black and White
    February 1990

    Not Simply Black and White

    When the South African government was committed to perpetuating apartheid into the future, there were few in the West calling for economic sanctions. Only as South Africa has embarked upon reform—an end to the pass laws; an end to bans on black workers joining labor unions; integration of sports, hotels, restaurants—has such a campaign been mounted.

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