Alan Cornett

Alan Cornett is the minister of the Church in Lebanon, Kentucky.

Latest by Alan Cornett in Chronicles

  • February 1998

    Of Murder and Morality

    In the alternative culture that has grown around modern American religion, music stars such as Amy Grant have commanded much attention. Disgusted by the filth that is popular music, teenagers are encouraged by well-meaning parents to listen to Grant instead of, say, Madonna.

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  • July 1997

    Surrounding Disorder

    No one can deny the decline of civility and manners, both a cause and effect of our decadent society. Digby Anderson and the British-based Social Affairs Unit have explored this trend, and the quickening downward spiral toward barbarism so evident in the Western world.

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  • The Mad Farmer
    February 1996

    The Mad Farmer

    In his latest book, Berry proves that the tradition, though too often ignored today, is alive and well. He has been farming and writing in his native Henry County, Kentucky, for 30 years now.

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