Alan Pell Crawford

Alan Pell Crawford is the author of Thunder on the Right: The "New Right" and the Politics of Resentment.

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  • August 1997

    Ted Turner Fights the War

    The news that Jeff Shaara, author of Gods and Generals, will turn his novel of Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville into a made-for-TV movie should give pause hereabouts. A lot of folks who live within a rebel yell of Malvern Hill recall what Hollywood, with Ted Turner commanding troop movements, did to The Killer Angels and Andersonville. It was not pretty.

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  • November 1996

    Toy Story

    As federal cannon boom from the smoky ridge to the west, a rebel foot soldier darts through underbrush, scrambles over a fence and crouches warily behind a tree. Raising his rifle to fire, he takes a volley of grape-shot in the chest.

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  • August 1996

    Liberals Rediscover Religion—Again

    Those earnest "neoliberals" at the Washington Monthly have again gotten religion, which, every few years, seems to be their wont. The putative convert this time is Amy Waldman, who writes that the left (her term) has needlessly neglected to "draw on a religious tradition" when trying to persuade others to support its political program.

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